Help to our english speaking friends

Kennel Fondadors website is intented to give a overview of the Kennels activities, with frequent updates and pictures.

The Kennel is small and family driven and breakes at best even. The key incentive to run the kennel is Annicca Billows big love and passion for dogs.

This means that there will not be an translated english webpage in the near future.
The pages are all enjoyable even though the language is Swedish, all pages have wonderful pictures.

Below is a short list of words to make navigation easier.

Bauermalerei 4

                       Hem = Home (start page)                 
   Om kenneln = About the Kennel  Kull = Litter   
   Om kromfohrländern = The Kromfohrländer   
 Hanar = Males  
   Mina hundar = My dogs 
 Tikar = Bitches  
   Valpar = Puppies  Stamtavla = Pedigree  
   Galleri = Gallery  Valpar födda = Puppies are born  
   In memoriam = In memory of  Valpar planerade = Litter planed  
   Länkar = Links  Valpar väntas = Litter expected  
   Kontakt = Contact